Braincell Feast (Random Piece)

Eaten alive,
Demons grip my sleeve, I grit my teeth as they feed on my mind,
Clock The pristine belief in my eyes,
Never flee from Police in The Street, Deceive radars with a sweep,
Like a ‘Miskeen’ in the Night,
You’re extreme with the hype, I just kick back relax and unleash Heat with a Mic,
Intrigue with my wordplay, Exceeding the work rate,
As I’m increasing the birth-rate of my ingenious rhymes…

Bent thoughts,
Brain cells tend to flex when my pen talks,
Cleft a nerve end with Perspex and I bend jaws,
Torment with a forcep in a clenched paw,
So for tonight’s chore, I’m about to turn life form, to no more than a cell wall.


Read the extract and answer the question at the bottom.

I swallowed my pencil so now I’m spitting lead,

Tend to make lyrics bend with a rigid pen,

Make the felt-tip drill his head,

Head-split; mimic death,

Leave his whole image red,

Keep the Alphabet spinning like I’m ‘flipping F’d’…That’s abbreviated,

Because I’m the best at being amazing,

You lot are Uber Novice,

I’m nothing more than Super-Sonic; Bruiser-Comet flows will spew like vomit,

Holding that glistening verb; scribbling verse,

This Lyrical Nerd will leave criminals murked,

Lyrics will slash as syllables burn,

I’ll make a man effervescence; I’ve just spat an epidemic,

Now tell me who’s Sicker with words?

Laying the gauntlet down to my enemies who don’t exist



Why do insignificant idiots try to tangle with this Brilliant Mav’rick?

Frivolous antics; don’t care,

This villainous Mad Kid,

Will spit a million idioms that’ll be killing ‘em mad-quick,

Syllables slashing criminals with a Lithium-clad fist,

I know I lack sense,

But I’m dripping ink with the literal meaning of Lyrical Madness…