Decipher my ‘Hieroglyrics’

Let this Enlightened Kid cypher-in,

Tooled with the Iron-tipped lead that I’m writing with,

My mind is drilled open; rhymes will spill,

Can you decipher the life I live; hieroglyphs

Remember the School days,

Lunchtime Hallway; All day my friends were lighting spliffs,

But I never smoked the bud,

Because the Lord cloaked my lungs with Diamond ribs,

You could never melt my frame; I hold the Sun,

No need for molten gloves,

Forbid the Evil and flow the Haqq until I’m soaked in blood,

Drenched in Red ink,

Cleft your brethren, entrance and exit wounds with a pen tip,

I’m ‘illness’; I can’t be disinfected,

Head spins, breathe slips through a slit neck with my chest ripped,

6 feet beneath I’m left,

Should have lived and let live, but I guess it’s too late because now I’m a Dead Kid…