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The Scholar’s Scribe

Greets of Peace to you all.

I pray that you are all dandy.

Apologies for not blogging for a while, i guess I’ve been sort of caught up in my own world. I thought I’d share this piece I wrote a while ago.


Tread a path where angel wings lower in respect,

Forgiveness flowing with each breath from those who tread on land and ocean; in its depth,

For the one who seeks pearls of wisdom; from the cradle of birth till crimson is purged from his nervous system,

Sip at the oasis of Knowledge,

Quench it with a pen tip,

Drink from the fountain of Scholarship,

Retrieving the deep and dark promises from the Shaykh’s bleeding sarcophagus,

An obligation of men: To comprehend that which God did send,

Decipher scripts till you can paint an enlightened pic…papyrus, ink.

Light a lantern; ignite a wick, inspire a kid, let a few lifeless, ‘live’

A scholar shared a thought with I ‘Dunya’s though I lay in a prison’

Now shackles and cages plays with his vision, straining his ligaments, pain is like militants blading the innocent; souls exit, escape with incisions,

Death lives…


Like an authentic chain of transmission…


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