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My Ode to Chocolate


My friends and I were messing around writing pieces on chocolate. Here is mine:

(Some of it isn’t very serious, as well as having pretty poor structure and rhyme-scheme. But it was for nothing more than a laugh. Enjoy.)

Galaxy, you are the reason for my anarchy,

Sweeter than these words my Ballad speaks,

From Mars to the Milky Way,

I start with a bar of you to chew each and everyday,

Shimmering like a knight clad in armour,

You shall be served at my Wedding as the main course meal, dessert and starter,

I become intoxicated with your enticing taste,

Your texture smooth as a shining blade,

Indeed a temptress; you are so tempting,

Like Paracetamol; I take two when my head spins,

People say ‘Diary Milk and Snickers are better’,

 But to me they are just shouting nonsense,

Shall I fall in love?

No way, I’d rather drown in Chocolate…


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