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Braincell Feast (Random Piece)

Eaten alive,
Demons grip my sleeve, I grit my teeth as they feed on my mind,
Clock The pristine belief in my eyes,
Never flee from Police in The Street, Deceive radars with a sweep,
Like a ‘Miskeen’ in the Night,
You’re extreme with the hype, I just kick back relax and unleash Heat with a Mic,
Intrigue with my wordplay, Exceeding the work rate,
As I’m increasing the birth-rate of my ingenious rhymes…

Bent thoughts,
Brain cells tend to flex when my pen talks,
Cleft a nerve end with Perspex and I bend jaws,
Torment with a forcep in a clenched paw,
So for tonight’s chore, I’m about to turn life form, to no more than a cell wall.


2 responses to “Braincell Feast (Random Piece)

  1. Niiiiiice the last verse especially…ill check out more soon as I followed you 🙂

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