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Oh my Companion Ramadhaan, how I miss you…

In the Name of Allah The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I haven’t been here for a while…

So the days of Blessings and Virtue have left us and I cannot express in words, the plethora of feelings and emotions I am going through.

I look to the clock hand and see each second, minute and hour devoid of Allah’s preciousness, fadl and mercy.

The days; hot and savage, yet irresistible in the reward that beat down with the sun’s rays, have become hostile, cold and harsh towards me.

The breeze was once sweet with the fragrance of Angels; scaling up and down the Seven Heavens to deliver the glad tidings of salutations and reward to the devoted worshippers upon Earth. Now the air tastes toxic upon my lips and stale in my lungs, leaving me gasping for breath.

With every heartbeat my soul calls out for that companion who visits but once a year. A companion whose virtue and suhba is only really appreciated once he has departed.

The nights. Oh how I miss the nights.  Shrouded in a blackened cloak, the skies were heavy with the recitation of Qur’an. Unbearable. On the verge of bursting forth and showering the very letters of the recited words of Allah upon the lands. Whilst the Mother Earth’s thirst was quenched with the sincere tears cascading from the eyes of the devout. The pillars and walls of the Masaajid trembling with the unified voices and echos of Forgiveness, Reward, Salvation, Protection and Ameen

A poet once said to his departing friend

‘Do you realise my emotions of grief are overflowing at your departure?..

We were once together And today the reigns of our bonds have been released,

Today we part but your voice will always resound in my ears…’

Ya Allah, let the remnants of Ramadhaan remain within our lives and souls forever more. Ya Allah, reunite us with this most noble friend of ours.



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