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The 1st Friday after entry into Jerusalem

Once Salaahudin (Rahimahullah) had besieged The Holy Lands, the time had come for The City of Jerusalem to be entered. The Historians mention that The Jurists, Poets, Ascetics, Civilians and Military lined the streets as Salaahudin entered the City. At once preparations were made for Jumu’ah, the 1st to be held in Masjid Al-Aqsa in 88 years. The Muslims purified the Masjid from The Crusader’s pollution. The Dome of The Rock was restored and the Masjid walls were cleansed.

Whilst this was happening, Salaahudin’s mind was somewhere else. His mind was with those people who had conducted his Tarbiyyah all those years ago, namely Noorudin Al-Zingi; his senior, his Teacher, his role model. Salaahudin never forgot to bestow favours upon those who bestowed favours upon him, so he called for The Pulpit Noorudin had built before his death, with the intention that this Pulpit will be installed into Al-Aqsa once The Holy Lands were liberated. And this is exactly was Salaahudin did, thus fulfilling the intention of his Teacher.

One the 1st Friday, there was a fierce skirmish about who would deliver the Khutbah among the Scholars, since to them there was no greater honour or privilege other than this. Imaadudin Al-Isfahani captured this moment. He said:

‘The Sultan sat with his face gleaming with happiness. His seat looked as if it were surrounded by the halo of the moon. Around him readers of Qur’an were reading the words of guidance and commenting; the poets were standing, reciting and seeking favours; whilst flags were being unfolded in order to be raised and the pens were being sharpened in order to convey the good tidings. Eyes were filled with tears of joy whilst hearts were humbled in devotion to Allah and in joy for the victory…’

 Just try to imagine the feeling…


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