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Read the extract and answer the question at the bottom.

I swallowed my pencil so now I’m spitting lead,

Tend to make lyrics bend with a rigid pen,

Make the felt-tip drill his head,

Head-split; mimic death,

Leave his whole image red,

Keep the Alphabet spinning like I’m ‘flipping F’d’…That’s abbreviated,

Because I’m the best at being amazing,

You lot are Uber Novice,

I’m nothing more than Super-Sonic; Bruiser-Comet flows will spew like vomit,

Holding that glistening verb; scribbling verse,

This Lyrical Nerd will leave criminals murked,

Lyrics will slash as syllables burn,

I’ll make a man effervescence; I’ve just spat an epidemic,

Now tell me who’s Sicker with words?


4 responses to “Read the extract and answer the question at the bottom.

  1. Exercise, yoga, centered with the words
    doja-focused, momma, so no more drama
    Saved and Bagged bullshit
    Adherence over (ov’ah)
    so free spittin 4 levels of meanings, 8 the cultures (Kul’cha)
    written in bars of yoda cooked up in soda
    and high beyond Mars on that Coca Cola
    beyond the asteroid belt, assembled on pillars (pill’lahs) for Scriptures
    Brothas and sistahs, “Oorah” and capture (Cap’cha) the picture (pic’cha),
    the Kama Sutra of Sheba
    HE, brah, rising up for war
    holla, Ethiopia
    then rise up together, awoken to the Cipha:
    of being alive but like Jonah,
    awaiting GOD to open up the creature (kree, cha) to let out the messengers (messen’jahs)….

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